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Odor Removal Services 

in El Paso, TX

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Odor in homes and buildings arises from many sources that may include animal urine, disaster contaminates, moisture problems or just plain soil.


Pet urine decontamination normally requires more specialized deodorizing techniques. To remove musty odor associated with moisture, ultimately it's important to identify and correct the moisture (high humidity) intrusion problem. Odor associated with disaster contaminates (smoke, trauma events) requires highly specialized procedures and techniques.


Jimmy Garza's technicianis are trained and experienced in dealing with odor removal. They have the detection tools, the specialized agents, the equipment and the experienced necessary to deal with odors of all types and kinds.

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If you need biohazard cleaning for your vehicle, truck or other property, you can reach our live operators 24 hours a day. We serve the following areas in the El Paso, TX area:
El Paso, TX
Anthony, TX
Fort Bliss, TX
Clint, TX
Horizon City, TX
San Elizario, TX
Canutillo, TX
Fabens, TX
Sunland Park, NM
Chaparral, NM
Berino, NM
Santa Teresa, NM
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